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What makes our software so great?

Global Tax Centers 1040 CL Professional Tax Software gives tax preparers the confidence needed in securing a strong foothold in the tax industry for years to come. Our software allows you to overcome any negative public perception that tax preparers don't have any real tax knowledge, and are just inputting numbers into a computer. Our software enables you to provide an in depth "Tax Due Diligence Analysis" ™ for your clients that compares where they are versus where they want to be, and provides recommendations to help them increase their revenue, decrease their liability through credits and deductions, maximize their largest refund allowed by law, and help them keep more earned income by plugging the biggest hole in their financial bucket - taxes.

Take a look at some of our tax software's benefits below.

Built-in Document Manager

This newly designed document management integration will surely save your office lots on expenses via a paperless solution. The document manager automatically stores documents signed via signature pad as well as remotely signed documents. Any handheld scanned documents are imported here, as well as imports from existing scan folders.

Handheld Scanner

With this easy to use scan and store process you can scan and store taxpayer documents, capture taxpayer identification, and access electronic copies of existing files from your PC. This will not only speed up the returns process, but will also meet government disclosure requirements.

Signature Pad

With the integration of the electronic signature pad, Global Tax Centers helps you save more of your valuable time, money, and space. Coupled with the Built-in document manager, your office can now automatically store all signed documents. Prepare more returns in much less time the paperless way!

Remote Signature

Remote Signature allows you to save time by letting you complete a tax return without the need for the taxpayer or spouse to be in your office. The taxpayer will authenticate their identity, review a copy of the return as a PDF, then sign. The signed return is then stored in your software for access anytime!